Wonderful Wednesday || September

Hello lovely readers, how’re are we? So…September has not been the most wonderful of months for me as I got quite poorly in the middle for about two weeks and my mental health took a complete dive.

Having a chronic illness can mean I get ill *a lot* and every time I do, it sends me into a negative spiral of self-pity. It is not the nicest look. No-one likes being poorly but I really really *hate* it. I get fed up with being house-bound all the time and my motivation and positive attitude just vanish!

BUT BUT BUT, before I start going all woe is me I have to say I am over the worst of my pity-parade and I’m hurtling into October (aka spooky season!), with a lot more positivity. Plus, there have been lots of small, wonderful moments in Septemeber, plus a weekend-away to Flanders where I ate some super yummy food.

September, while I *am* glad to see the back of you, you have had some pretty wonderful moments …

A Flanders weekend away At the start of September, me and David hopped on the Eurostar and visited Lille for a weekend get-away. Lille had the prettiest streets and most gorgeous desserts and as we were so close to Brussels, we also visited there for a day too and had the yummiest waffles (I only travel for the food!). It was the kind of city break where we didn’t have any particular plans in place, the kind where you dine al-fresco and stop off in cafes and just people watch. Pretty damn magical.

A naughty night out Me and my friend Barbie attended a raunchy night out this month, going to our local theatre to see a show called Forbidden Nights. It was full of sexy half-naked men dancing Magic Mike style and it was a right giggle. Some parts of the show I didn’t quite no *where* to look (ahem), but it was such a laugh!

A heated towel rail Now this is incredibly boring to anyone who isn’t an old-granny like me, but this month David fitted a wall length heated towel rail in the bathroom and it is a complete game changer. Now I actually look forward to getting out of the shower as I have a perfectly warm towel to wrap myself up in. It is bliss. 

The fun-fair! Every September the fun-fair comes to town and there is just something about the loud techno music, flashing lights and smells of fast food that gets me so nostalgic. I made David take me with the promise we could get fresh doughnuts and I ended up convincing him to go on a ride. We both felt pig sick afterwards (the doughnuts helped with that!) and we came to the sad realisation we are certainly too old to be riding fair-ground rides.

Crimble crumble September has been the month full of crumble, late summer fruits, blackberry and of course apple have all been made. Served with custard, ice-cream or just pouring cream, you can’t beat a fresh crumble from the oven! This is my go-to crumble recipe that I use (so, so easy!),  and I just switch up the fruit depending on whatever I fancy.

Killing Eve & Bodyguard Haven’t we been absolutely spoilt rotten by the BBC recently? Bodyguard had me hooked from the get-go and Killing Eve was the most beautiful, gripping and damn right wonderful thing I have ever watched. Sandra Oh (aka Christina) is my hero and Jodie Comer – WOW. What a performance. Now I need an equally good tv-show to binge. Any suggestions?

September wasn’t the best month for me, but now I have tip-tapped all the wonderful bits I do suppose there were some lovely moments thrown in! I’ve certainly got some lovely things to look forward to in October, so I am remaining positive. If you wanted to catch up with more lovely lists, check out the inspiration behind it all – Sally Tangle as well as JoCatSamPetaEl and Ellie