The Fortnightly || What I Have Been Enjoying Recently #12

Good morning lovely ones. How’s November treating you thus far?! Hasn’t it been bloody *freeeezing*!? Over the past couple of weeks I visited London (yay), been poorly (boo!) and had my downstairs completely stripped down to basics ready to be redecorated (half yay and boo – it looks like a bomb site at the moment but I’m sure it will look wonderful when its complete!).

Shall us?

But your not THAT kind of immigrant by Floraidh Clement is a great article on why it matters when you use the term ‘expat’ instead of ‘immigrant’. Language, and its connotations, really fascinate me and this is just another example of how the words we use can affect our way of viewing the world around us.

Do we have to be perfect at everything we try our hand too? Well no. This article praises the mediocrity of our hobbies.

Kathy’s poem on grief is beautifully heartbreaking.

Helen shares the importance of running your own race.

These gingerbread doughnuts by Top With Cinnamon look insaaane. 

We talk a lot about toxic masculinity, but this article explores toxic feminity and how it can damage the feminist movement if we don’t recognise it.

Michelle shares her hilarious list of life lessons.

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