27th December 2018

Christmas Snapshots

For purely indulgent reasons I wanted to create my very own Christmas snapshots post, so future me (hi future me!) can look back at them and feel all kinds of nostalgia. 

The festive season has always been one of my favourite times of the year for a multitude of reasons; the cosiness this season brings along with the colours, twinkly lights, Chrismas markets, holiday films (Elf and Love Actually are the best), festive jumpers, pure child-like joy, and food. All the food.

This Christmas has been nothing short of wonderful. It’s the first in our own house and we have done absolutely nothing but watch films, drink copious amounts of eggnog and eaten our body-weight in potatoes. Roasted, mashed and fried into bubble and squeak.

I hope you, dear reader, have had a wonderfully merry Christmas (and I hope you’ve had your fill of potatoes too!).