10th December 2018

New York Travel Diary

On Saturday morning me and my mum landed from an incredible whirlwind adventure in New York. It’s been a bucket list trip for both of us and one that has been over a year and a half in the planning.

As to not miss a single second, I decided to keep a diary throughout the trip. Thank god I did, we managed to cram so much in I’m glad I kept a note as I would not have remembered anything. Guys, New York is *crazy* busy. My poor feet have never done so much walking!

I will write a more detailed ‘first-timers guide’ soon, but for now here is my New York travel diary! (Beware, it’s quite long and some parts make NO sense. I am blaming sleep deprivation and achey feet!).

Day 1

Entry 1

We have three hours to go on the journey and I can’t believe it’s not going to be long before I see the skyscrapers, Brooklyn Bridge, yellow cabs, Empire State.. the list goes on! Certainly getting that fluttery excitement in my tummy. But that could just be hunger. The plane food (Thai vegetable curry) hasn’t really filled me up.

Take off from Heathrow was at 10:15 – arriving into Newark at 13:45. The journey so far has been relatively smooth; I was dozing when we hit a bit of turbulence so I had funny dreams of plummeting into the middle of the Atlantic.

Nevertheless, the seatbelt sign has just been switched off and we’ve settled back down – positive thoughts people. Five hours down, three to go. My legs hurt, I’m tired and deathly bored (hence why I had the idea to start this diary entry). I am *so* ready to be off this plane.

Also, I watched the Princess Switch (so cheesy but I loved it) and it’s been bugging me who Price-bloody-Edward is. What have I seen him in? Can’t want till we land so I can Google him.

Entry 2

Been in immigration for half an hour.  Not even half way through. I need a milkshake. And a lie down.

Entry 3

Just arrived at the hotel – said I was a travel agent and got a cheeky upgrade to the pent-house-bloody-suite. The room is huge and the views are INSANE. We can’t believe it! Unpacking, relaxing and heading out for a bite to eat before our show at Radio City Rockettes!

Day 2

Entry 1

Radio City Rockettes last night was phenomenal. Very Christmassy and definitely got us in the mood for spending Christmas in New York. Knackered by the time we got out though – straight to bed and I was completely sparko by the time my head hit the pillow. Early start today to catch the hop-on-hop-off-bus (dreading it but mum wants to do it) down to the 9/11 memorial.

Entry 2

Hop-on-hop-off-bus was everything I thought it was going to be. Hated it. The tour guide was awful, bless him (he was an old guy with the slowest voice), and the bus was FREEZING. Told mum I love her but we ain’t getting on that bloody bus again – purchased a metro card instead.

Entry 3

We ‘hopped’ off the bus at the 9/11 memorial and visited the museum. Absolutely heartbreaking. Such a beautiful tribute to the victims.

Entry 4

Back in the hotel after a busy morning – visited Brookfield Place for a spot of lunch then went up the One World Observatory which was phenomenal. Highly recommend. My feet are sore and it’s only the first day. Pray for me.

Entry 5

Tonight we visited Byrant Park and stumbled across Alan-bloody-Cumming switching on the Christmas lights. LIFE MADE.

Walked around, got some food and met the most amazing people, Kari and Bryan. Spent about half an hour chatting about everything and anything, putting the world to rights (mainly about how we thought Trump was an ass). Naturally, we added each other on Facebook.

Walked down 5th avenue towards Saks and the Rockafella tree. Mums happy – Saks display was beautiful. Did think the Rockafella tree would be bigger (I mean it’s big just not BIG), but it’s still pretty special though.

Day 3

Only just had a minute to sit down and relax, it’s been another jam-packed morning.

Started with breakfast at Juniors – a touristy diner right in the middle of Times Square. Glad to have experienced it but it’s certainly not my cup of tea. Portions were absolutely huge but then so was the bill. Mums happy though.

Subwayed up to 72nd and walked to Levain bakery to buy some of those infamous cookies. Walked down 74th to Central Park and walked around the lake. Mum couldn’t walk much more so had to catch the subway to get to the other side – bit long winded but nevermind. Reached Lexington Avenue and saw the windows at Bloomingdale’s.

Walked to the Rosevault Island Tram to see the city from a new perspective – got to the other side and mum had lost her metro. Bought another one (another $33) then she bloody found it. I was not happy.

Walked down from the tram towards 5th avenue and walked down 5th back to Times Square. Got to Tiffany’s and it was chaos – firetrucks and police everywhere. Asked a cop and there was a fire in a high-rise. Looked quite serious as there was about 6 different engines turn up.

We didn’t hang about – wanted to have a proper rest this afternoon as we are going to the theatre tonight to see Anastasia.  I can guarantee I will cry.

Day 4

Entry 1 

6am here – woke up about half an hour ago. My poor body still hasn’t gotten used to the time difference.

Last night was PHENOMENAL. We went to see Anastasia on Broadway and it was just magical. They slightly changed the storyline and, actually, I preferred it to the film version.

The staging, costumes, music – it was all stunning. I now need to convince David to go to the West End in London. Broadway has made me want to see more shows!

Today’s is going to be our busiest yet – Brooklyn Bridge, Supreme Court, Grand Central, Macy’s, Top of the Rock and a Harbour Lights cruise. My feet are going to be ruined.

Entry 2 

My god, what a day. We got up early to grab Top of the Rock tickets – planned to do a sunset viewing but ended up doing the early morning viewing as it was so quiet. It was *freezing* at the top, but the views were incredible.

Next on the list was Brooklyn Bridge. We caught the subway straight to Dumbo, took some photos and walked back to Manhatten. The bridge itself is such an iconic thing to do, so glad we got there early before it got too busy.

From the bridge, we walked along to the Supreme Court where I got my Olivia Benson on and pretended I was in an episode of Law and Order. Out of all the sites in NY, this was the one that got me a little bit choked up. It’s such a monumental building in so many of my favourite shows, it was amazing to see it with my own eyes!

Subwayed to uptown to Macy’s which is my idea of hell but mum wanted to get her holiday decorations. By this time we had clocked nearly 20,000 steps and being in a crowded department store at mid-day was pushing my limit.

Now at home for a rest before our Harbour Lights Cruise tonight. Not looking forward to being on a boat in -2oc but that’s what happens when you go on holiday with your mother; she calls the shots.

Day 5

Entry 1

Last day in NYC and I have hit a wall. Harbour Lights Cruise was *actually* okay – the tour guide was good at describing the history of New York and pointing out places of interest. The boat was SO SO cold though and I may have fallen asleep on the way home. Before falling asleep though we did see the Manhatten skyline all lit up and it was beautiful.

The plan for today is to go to Chelsea and walk along the Highline, not sure my legs can take me though.

Entry 2

I was right, my body is completely broken. After breakfast, we caught the subway to Chelsea, explored the market but my poor body gave up the ghost, so instead of doing the High Line we came back to the hotel for a little rest. I was really looking forward to eating all the yummy food but I just didn’t have it in me. Next time!

Entry 3 

At the airport back to England. Had an amazing time, but I am SO ready to come home and see my little pickle and Dave. Holidays are great but I wish I had all my things with me; my favourite slippers, my dressing gown and my bed. 

As we had a couple of hours before our flight we had one last wander around Times Square, picked up a few souvenirs and a cheesecake (so good!), then had our final lunch at Hard Rock. Not exactly looking forward to the sixteen-hour journey ahead of us (3 hours at the airport, 7-hour flight, 6 hours back to Devon), but New York has been so incredibly worth it. Do remind me of that though, when jetlag kicks in!

Our journey was so long, but yes New York was so incredibly worth it. The city is WILD, absolutely everything I was expecting and more. Tryna convince David to go (he hates cities) because I am desperate to return. Just perhaps when it’s not Christmas (omg so busy) or winter (omg so cold!). 

Have you ever been to New York? What should I do next time I visit?