The Fortnightly || What I Have Been Enjoying Recently #14

Currently on route to New York City baaaaby! This past fortnight I visited Prague (amazing, but bloody cold!) and now I’m at the airport waiting for my flight to NYC. It’s been a busy couple of weeks but there has been some absolutely terrific content from around the internet lately.

Shall we crack straight on with everything I have been enjoying lately?

Oprah interviews Michelle Obama. It is brilliant. 

Nia’s review for The Good Girls Guide to Being a Dick sounds like a book I absolutely need to read.

Cat’s festive to do list is joyful.

Speaking of Christmas, this gift guide for travel lovers is fantastic and has so many great ideas.

I’m sure you’ve all see that Ellen Pompeo clip of her calling out for more diversity. Here is the full interview. 

And just in case you love Ellen Pompeo as much as I do (she is my hero), here are her golden rules to life.

Michelle’s post on how good yoga has been so good for her, mentally and physically, is really inspiring.

This article explains why boycotting palm oil completely is actually worse for the environment. An interesting read about a very popular yet complex topic.

I found myself nodding along completely to Dolly’s article where she says she’s forgotten how to relax.

The photos from this Salt and Sea Stories blog post are stunning. 

Want to read some more great articles and blog posts? Check out The Fortnightly archives here. If you have discovered something amazing, please share everything you’ve been enjoying in the comments!