The Fortnightly || What I Have Been Enjoying Recently #15

A short and sweet Fortnightly this week as I’ve had a wonderful, but full on, couple of weeks. The week before last I was in New York, which was spent in the most Christmass-y way possible and clocking up over 25,000 steps a day (more poor feet!). This past week, therefore, has been spent catching up on laundry (so much laundry!), sleep and life admin.

It’s not left much room for consuming content but nevertheless, here is everything I have been enjoying lately…

Sophie is excellent and writing relatable content (I think she features on my list every time!) and this post on learning to embrace the ordinary is no different.

Hayley’s 14 day USA road-trip is making me want to book my own USA adventure!

I am absolutely making Nia’s ‘extra’ french toast recipe. 

Someone on my Twitter feed re-tweeted this glorious article by Bianca Bass. It’s an old post, but one that I needed to read right now. Reminders to anyone who feels lost right now. 

How many European cities have you ticked off your bucket list?

This, quite frankly terrifying article, explains how Google knows quite literally *everything* about you.

This falafel recipe looks AH-MAZING.

The Pool shares how you can donate Christmas gifts to women and children living in refugee this winter.

Want to read some more great articles and blog posts? Check out The Fortnightly archives here. If you have discovered something amazing, please share everything you’ve been enjoying in the comments!