16th January 2019

Intentions For The Year Ahead

I know, I know, new-years resolutions aren’t the done thing anymore, but I can’t help it – I’m a cliché. I love this time of year, to pause, reflect and look forward to the year ahead and all the possibilities that it can bring.

I’ve thought about what I want to improve and work towards for 2019 and the intentions that I’ve set myself are more guidelines than anything concrete, which gives me the flexibility to progress and grow rather than beat myself up for not meeting an unattainable goal.

Every year I like to set myself something to work towards, so here are my intentions for the year ahead, written here, mainly to hold myself to account. I hope future me kicks ass in 2019!

Pass my driving test and get a car

Oooft this is the biggie. 2019 is the year I want to *finally* pass my driving test. My driving lessons started when I was 17, at college, learning like everyone else did. Trouble was, I wasn’t ready to put forward to my test before I went to uni, and rather naively, I told myself I’d learn to drive whilst at university. Well, kids, that didn’t happen.

The plan was to start learning again once I graduated, but then I got ill. I wanted 2018 to be the year I was going to start it all up again but the first two driving instructors I had, I just couldn’t get on with.

I was so close to giving up but as they say, third time lucky – and my current instructor is a dream. I started with her in May but as our schedules both clash – we only have a lesson once every two/three weeks. But I don’t care that is has taken me so long to learn – this instructor will get me driving (I bloody hope!).  

Shout about North Devon

Last year was a bit of a whirlwind, buying a house, decorating a house, a couple of spells in hospital with my endometriosis and lots of holidays in between meant I spent little time actually in this place I call home.

I want to showcase, through my blog, the best that Devon has to offer – through local businesses, beautiful scenery and amazing produce. There’s will be far more Devon content on my blog and Instagram and I want to connect with more people here in my community.  

Support more local and independent businesses

Speaking of which, there has been a real push locally to support independent business and now I feel like I’m in more of a financial position to do so. I much prefer shopping at little boutique interior shops, or visiting a local restaurant than a chain so I want to continue to support and shout about local business more in 2019!

Interact and engage on social media more

Sigh. My god, I have a love/hate relationship with social media. There are just so many bloody rules, do this to beat the algorithm, post this to optimise reach – engage engage engage.

I all find it a bit too much. But more than ever, the presence of social media is so powerful and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so I think it’s best that I crack it. Wish me luck.

Read more books

Books. Books books. They are wonderful! Why don’t I dedicate more time to reading them? I really do not know. So this year I will prioritize reading books. Maybe one a month? (Don’t judge, I know that is piss poor, but I want to be realistic!) 

Actually *move* my body  

Yeah yeah yeah, I know. Everyone wants to start doing more exercise in the new year – I am such a cliche. The trouble is I don’t even *move* my body. In any way. I do no exercise. Zilch. I struggle to even fit in my 10k steps now I’m working an office job.

Rather than set myself the intention of starting a new exercise regime – which I just know I will definitely not stick too – my intention is to just MOVE. Get in those steps, stretch before bed, perhaps, even do a class every once in a while. The more I just *start* to move, I am hoping, the more I will stick to it. Every time I’ve tried to exercise, I go full guns blazing, put my body through intense pain and just give up. Nope – not this time. Even if it’s just a *little bit* it’s good enough.

What are your thoughts on new years resolutions? Have you set yourself any intentions for 2019?