The Fortnightly || What I Have Been Enjoying Recently #17

A selection of my favourite posts from around the internet, from the past two weeks.


Got your fill in new years posts yet? No? These are two of the best; the only resolutions you need to make for 2019, according to an intensive care nurse and 18 ways to be a better person.

This post on why I’m not vegan is well articulated and researched.

Do you suffer from SAD? April shares some tips on how to help ease the symptoms of SAD this winter.

Kathy Brown shares another beautifully written piece, looking back reflectively over her year.

Stephie’s post about holding back on opinions for fear of being exposed as a fraud really resonated with me.

When being diagnosed with a chronic illness you go through various stages of grief. Katie illustrates this perfectly in her post.

Looking for new tips and tricks to help reduce waste and save time in the kitchen? The Mother Cooker has your back!

Abby has come up with some great ways on how you can reduce your plastic use when travelling abroad.

I loved Sophie’s post on her thoughts of the 10-year challenge. 

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