Wonderful Wednesday || December

Happy New Year you fabulous lot! Are we back to work today? Or do we have an extra day off before the reality of having to go back to work kicks in?

I was poorly for the whole festive season with a nasty head cold (being all stuffed up and not being able to enjoy your Christmas dinner is the worst) so I am back to work today, to make up for the time I had off (boo!). The alarm was the teeniest bit of a struggle after a week of lie-ins and afternoon naps, but, whilst I’m not looking forward to the reality that is going back to work, January isn’t going to be so blue for me as I have a few trips planned. I wanted to slow down this month, but alas that hasn’t happened and it may be February where I have to re-charge my batteries.

Despite being full on, December has been bloody brilliant. An absolute dream of a month with wonderful moments both big and small.

I’m aware I’ve given a lot of preamble, so I’ll ssh so I can dive right on in.

New York 

At the beginning of December, mother and I went on an epic 4 night holiday to New York. It was over a year in the planning and a bucket list destination for both of us, especially at Christmas time!

Now, going on holiday with my mother was testing, to say the least, and there were so many times I considered abandoning her completely. Or pushing her into the Hudson (I’m joking of course!). God love my mother, but she is hard work. Somewhere in time, we swapped roles and I became the parent to her. Suffice to say, while she drove me bonkers, we made some fantastic once-in-a-lifetime memories that were full of pinch-me moments!

Highlights include; Radio City Rockettes, seeing a Broadway Show, Top of the Rock, Byrant Park, One World Observatory, being upgraded to the Penthouse Suite and getting my Olivia Benson on at the Supreme Court (bonus points for you if you get that reference!).


So. Me and David aren’t really children people. We have friends who have them, but we don’t much care for them (as bad as that sounds, we just aren’t that good with kids).

Apart from two friends we have, Bex & Ol. They have the two most adorable little girls who we have watched grow right from little tiny babies. They are sweet, precious, gorgeous little humans.

Just before Christmas, we were invited over for fish and chips. It was impromptu, full of belly laughs and out of tune singing. That is absolutely what life is all about.

Films films films 

Oooh this December has been full of so many bloody good films. I went a bit OTT with Christmas films this year, trying to cram in as many as I could muster.

I watched Love Actually for the first time this year and I couldn’t bloody believe it had taken me so long. What a cracking good film!

A terrifically awful film I loved was The Princess Switch. So much cheese but I adored it.

My dining table 

For the past few months, me and David have been renovating downstairs and the biggest challenge was to try and find a dining table we both loved.

To cut a long story short, we saw one that we loved in a shop but it was slightly broken, too big and not for sale. We asked very nicely if we could have it anyway – which we could for less than half the original price – so we got a carpenter to fix it up for us and customize it to the size we wanted.

Now we have a bespoke table which is quite honestly gorgeous for basically half the price of what it was going to be sold for!

Moral of the story, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

My family 

Spending quality time with David and Luna has been joyous this month. I’ve taken it slow this festive season, not wanting to go overboard with social commitments or too many plans. I just wanted to enjoy being. Having cuddles in the morning, Luna wrecking the tree, watching endless films…

My little family has had me full with contentment I could burst.

Christmas food

Roast potatoes, nut roast with cranberry sauce, crispy honey parsnips, Pringles, trifle, warm mince pies and clotted cream, Lindt father Christmases, Malteaser Reindeers, peanuts, crumble and custard, Yorkshire puddings. The list goes on.

As I was ill over Christmas Day I couldn’t enjoy my dinner, but I certainly made up for myself and ate my bodyweight in potatoes and After Eights’ as soon as I regained my appetite.

December 2018, you were pretty bloody awesome. More of the good lovely stuff to come please. If you wanted to catch up with more lovely lists, check out the inspiration behind it all – Sally Tangle as well as JoCatSamPetaEl and Ellie