31st March 2019


A selection of my favourite posts from around the internet, from the past two weeks.


I recently discovered the website Dear Damsels and I absolutely love it. It’s a website where women can share their words and stories around a monthly theme. Some of the content on there is beautiful. 

I could really relate to Ghenet’s post on how meal planning has helped her and her husband bond. Me and David love to cook together and it’s one of those rare times where neither of us are distracted by our phones or the TV – so we actually have a real conversation!

Talking of meal planning, this guide by Helen is hardcore. 

The loveliest Carina has re-started her blog again and this post on how your writing doesn’t need to be profound to be worthwhile is a joyful read.

I found this article by Man Repeller on peoples biggest wedding regrets really interesting.

This post by Joana shows us how to be okay with where you are right now, something I have been grappling with a lot lately.

Having a chronic illness is tough because not a lot of people can relate or understand what it can be like when a flare-up occurs. I don’t have IBS but I found a lot of what Jo talks about to be relatable to my endometriosis.

These life lessons made me actually laugh out loud.

This story on Medium broke my heart. What it’s like to be a fat person sitting next to you on a plane.

This Behind The Scars project is beautiful.

Sophie shares 50 ways you can add joy into your day.

I found this TED talk by an ex Westboro Baptiste Church member incredibly enlightening. In it, the speaker demonstrates how you can communicate with people who have a completely different opinion to your own. Something very much needed in today’s political climate.

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