10th April 2019

19 Podcasts I Would Reccomend

It’s no secret that I bloody love a podcast. From funny easy-to-listen comedy shows to in-depth interviews or true crime, there is a podcast out there to tickle anyone’s fancy.

Podcasts are a great form of content to consume as you can listen anywhere, on the commute to work, walking to the shops, cleaning the house – I listen whenever and wherever I can.

In this list of recommendations, I suggest podcasts from all different genres; current affairs, crime, comedy and journalistic interviews. I will listen to pretty much anything as long as it teaches me something interesting or offers a nice dose of escapism.

If you have any suggestions for a podcast addict like myself, then please send them my way!

Current Affairs

The High Low This podcast is a current affairs and pop culture podcast hosted by the journalists Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes. They discuss their book, article and tv show recommendations, offer insights into current affairs and delve into difficult and controversial topics. They are well read and research their discussions thoroughly, it’s one of my favourite podcasts to listen to each week and one not to be missed.

The Week Unwrapped Hosted by Olly Man, The Week Unwrapped is a podcast that discusses three news stories, from the past seven days, which have flown ‘under the radar’. They bring forward discussions on a wide range of topics that have missed the headlines and are great for informing me of what is going on, that I otherwise would not have heard about.


Ways To Change The World I really enjoy this Channel 4 podcast that is hosted by the newsreader Krishnan Guru-Murphey. Each week he interviews a celebrity, politician or activist about the ways they are ‘changing the world’. Favourite episodes of mine include Jameela Jamil, Rose McGowan, Munroe Bergdorf and Gina Miller.

Table Manners Table Manners has been a relatively new find for me, but has been around for the past couple of years. Hosted by the singer Jessie Ware and her mum Lennie, they interview celebrities while having them over dinner. As a foodie, I love hearing people share food stories and listening to people talk about food they love to cook. Foodie episodes worth highlighting include Dermot O’Leary, Sadiq Khan and Alan Carr.

How To Fail To coincide with the launch of her new book, Elizabeth Day has started a podcast where she interviews people and asks them to share the failures in their life. In doing so, it highlights that we would not be who we are without failing along the way. Elizabeth interviews a wide range of celebrities from Phoebe Waller-Bridge to James O’Brien, but my favourite episode is from Lily Allen for his absolutely sheer, raw honesty.

Love Stories Similar to the podcast above, Dolly Alderton released a podcast to coincide with the launch of her book, Everything I Know About Love (which I thoroughly recommend!). In the interviews, the guests share their stories on love, from the first love to their current love as well as stories of unrequited love. Dolly is a fantastic interviewer and it is such a pleasure to hear people to tell stories of things that they are passionate about. Favourite episodes have included Adam Kay, Stanley Tucci, Matt Haig and Sara Pascoe.

Desert Island Discs I am relatively late to the party with this one, but I have recently been enjoying Desert Island Discs. This podcast is based off of the Radio 4 show and has been running for decades. There is quite simply hundreds of episodes to sift through and I really enjoy listening to my favourite artists, comedians and actors discuss the music that has impacted their lives.

Positivity Podcast This podcast is hosted by Paul Mckenna, famous for being ‘hypnotist’ and behavioural expert. Each week he interviews celebrities to discuss how they have got to where they are and the positive steps they implement to achieve the great things they do. My favourite interview was with Simon Cowell where he talks candidly about the ups and downs he has faced throughout his career.


Wine and Crime My all-time favourite crime show is Wine and Crime, a podcast where three friends chug wine, chat true crime and unleash their worst Minnesotan accents. Kenyan, Lucy and Amanda are three friends from Minnesota who each week pick a topic to discuss and then delve into cases linked to that topic. All while getting more and more drunk. It’s funny and dark and topics include Necrophilia, Killer Couples, Dismemberment Crimes… the list goes on. With over 100 episodes, your bound to find something that will wet your true crime appetite!

Crime Junkie I’ve only started listening to Crime Junkie, but so far I am really enjoying listening to the in-depth cases the two hosts discuss. It’s easy-to-follow and complex issues are really well explained. Perfect for a true-crime addict like myself!


My Dad Wrote A Porno If you download any podcast from this list, make sure it is this one. It is so goddamn funny. Jamie’s dad had quite literally written an erotic novel, which he is horrified about – but it turns out it is shockingly bad. Each week, therefore, Jamie and his two friends James and Alice read a chapter out loud and completely tear it to shreds. It is laugh out loud funny, so be careful if listening to it on public transport. You have been warned!

This Sounds Serious Without giving it away too much, This Sounds Serious is a parody on all the crime shows that have gone before it. Well worth a listen to this highly unbelievable story.

The Chris Moyles Show When I was younger I used to thoroughly enjoy listening to Chris Moyles on Radio 1 in the morning. It was only last year that I realised he was back on the radio, hosting the breakfast show on Radio X with his old colleagues. The Chris Moyles Show Podcast is the best bits from the week, all condensed down into about 90 minutes. It’s silly, funny and an easy listen when I want something to giggle too.


Evil Genius Hosted by comedian Russell Kane, this podcast takes well-known historical figures and debates with three-panel members whether they were, in fact, a genius or evil. Historical figures include John Lennon, Walt Disney, Charles Dickens and Gandhi and spoiler warning, most of them were dickheads.

The Butterfly Effect Originally an audible series, this podcast is hosted by Jon Ronson who explores ‘the butterfly effect’ that free porn has had on society. A subject I literally knew nothing about, this series is a fascinating insight into the adult entertainment industry and the impacts it has on our lives.

Caliphate Caliphate is an absolutely fantastic podcast that followers the journalist Rukmini Callimachi in her mission to understand and report on ISIS. This podcast gives a deep insight into ISIS, what they believe and how they operate and I was hooked with every single episode. Rukmini is a brilliant journalist and her bravery has led the world to understand about this terrorist organisation, a bit more.

The Tip-Off  This podcast is another recent find of mine and one that I am ploughing through very quickly. It explores different cases each week of investigative journalism, interviewing journalists and reporters on the leads, tip-offs and sources that lead them to uncover major stories. Stories such as dodgy financial practice by the Conservative party or the atrocities that are happening in Syrian hospitals.

Mental Health

Happy Place Happy Place is a mental health podcast hosted by Fearne Cotton where she chats to guests all about their ‘happy place’ as well as their own mental health experiences. Fearns guests vary from authors, actors, presenters and activists and my favourite episodes have been Matt Haig, Tom Daley, Gok Wan and Russell Brand.

Mad World This podcast is hosted by Bryony Gordon, a journalist for the Telegraph. In it, she interviews celebrity guests and they discuss how their mental health has shaped who they are as a person and what impact their mental health has on their lives. Her very first guest was Prince Harry and other notable guests include Stephen Fry, Fearne Cotton and Mel C.

Are you another podcast addict? If so, if you have any recommendations for me, let me know in the comments!