Gratitude Over Happiness

A few years ago a friend of mine shared a video with me that suggested the secret to happiness is by showing gratitude. Then, I recently read this article which only reiterated that point and brought gratitude to the forefront of my mind once again. 

By showing gratitude to yourself, things, other people – only then can we find true happiness.

I have been complaining a lot recently. I’m fed up of living in a small town. I’m fed up with having a chronic illness. I’m fed up for not knowing what I want to do with my life.

But I am so unbelievably privileged. I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, access to food, safe water, a fair and democratic society – the list goes on.

But I am a product of the society in which I live. I always want more, compare myself to others, envy when people have more than me, achieving more than me, having a fuller and more exciting life than me.

I want that to stop. I want to practice gratitude. I want to be more thankful for what I have – thankful for what makes my life so wonderful. Because it is pretty damn wonderful.

I can’t promise I’m never going to complain again. But when I do, I want to check this list and remind myself I am so bloody lucky.

My body While my body lets me down in some ways, in other ways it is absolutely bloody incredible. I am able to speak, see, hear and taste. I am able to run, walk, skip and jump. My feet have carried me to so many wonderful places around the world. I’ve been able to freely explore and go on adventures. My body, even when in pain, has allowed me to see some incredible things. My illness has let me not take my body for granted. I no longer see my body as a commodity, as something that has to meet society’s beauty standards. I see it for what it is – something that allows me to do everything that makes me live. And for that, I am so grateful.

My family Of course, the thing I am most grateful for is my small, but incredible family. My mum for single-handedly raising me. I have no idea how she was able to do it. David, for being on my team. Always. And Luna, my little pickle, who brings me so much joy. It’s small, but my god I’m lucky.

My home Last year me and David bought a house. It’s right in the heart of town, the rooms are beautifully light and airy and in the summer the sun sits on it all day, making it so so warm. I could wax lyrical about my house all day. I love it. Our home, mine Davids’s and Luna’s is so bloody perfect and it is ours.

That hot water bottles exist Out of all my possessions I am most grateful for my trusty hot water bottle. The one and only pain relief that is guaranteed to make me feel better. I quite literally travel everywhere with it. I am eternally grateful to the inventor of the hot water bottle. I owe you my life.

Food The one true joy. I bloody love food. Thank god so much wonderful food exists. Olives, garlic bread, french fries, brownies, cheesecake, crisps, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, curry, edamame, jalapeno poppers, pizza, crispy seaweed, chocolate, peanut butter cups, falafel, hummus, mango, passionfruit, sweet potato fries, crumpets and salty butter, pistachios, tiramisu. I could go on and on and on. Thank you food for being so bloody brilliant.

Women  I’m so lucky in that I have so many brilliant, strong-willed, clever and inspiring women in my life.  They inspire me every day and make me want to become a better person. Thank you.

Do you ever pause and reflect on what you are grateful for?