29th May 2019

Wonderful Wednesday || May

Hello hello hello! How was all your May’s been lovely ones? Haven’t you just been *adoring* the beautiful warm weather?

I have had a bloody productive May – filled with fantastic moments both big and small!

Let’s go on with it, shall we?

San Pellegrino Lemonade  Oh sweet Jesus, this drink is like nectar from the gods. I have drunk an astonishing number of cans of San Pellegrino and I have no shame. There is something about that sweet sweet lemon flavour that just transforms me to memories of holidays and all things sunshiny. It is quite ridiculous the amount I have drunk recently though. 

Canterbury & Whitstable For the first bank holiday weekend I went and visited a friend of mine in Kent. I used to go to university there, so it was completely surreal to be back. It was a lovely weekend spent exploring familiar places and eating *alll* the yummy food. We visited Canterbury for the day as well as Whitstable which I absolutely adored – it had so many cute vintage shops and gorgeous cafes. Like a little mini Brighton!

Gardening On a sunny Monday afternoon, my mother kindly came over to mine to help me tackle the garden. I have certainly not inherited the green finger gene and as much as I love my house plants, outdoor plants are a complete mystery to me.

I sort of let it get a bit wide and unruly over the winter and now we have had a bit of sunshine, the plants and bushes have tripled in size. Quite literally. Out came the shears and weed killer and after a few trips to Homebase and a few pounds spent on potted plants, the garden looks bloody wonderful. I’ve got myself a little watering can and some plant feed and I am going to absolutely boss the garden this summer.

Washing Isn’t it bloody marvellous when you can hang your washing outside and it gets dry in just a day!? Yes, I realise how dull and how adult that is of me.

Luna I haven’t mentioned my little pickle in a wee while, so I thought I’d throw her into the list of wonderful. She is wonderful every damn day and I cherish the cuddles we have in the morning and the way she runs to greet you as you come home. Look at that face! How cute is she!?

Car I only have a bloody car! My driving test is next month (only a couple of people know when because I don’t want to have too much pressure eeeek!), so we have been looking for a little while at getting a car. All of a sudden, one popped up on Facebook that was a good price and good quality. The only trouble is, it’s purple. Bright bloody purple. I *hate* purple. For the price and the quality, we couldn’t really turn it down so I told myself I would get used to the colour. I’m not quite there yet, but hey – as long as it gets me from A to B right?! (also send me all the good vibes for the test please I am absolutely terrified!)

Amazon Prime Oh the joy that is next day delivery. I got Amazon Prime because I wanted to start watching a couple of the programmes on there (as if having Sky and Netflix wasn’t enough streaming). I never really order stuff from online – but now I have next day delivery I have become a woman possessed. Second-hand books are my current thing that I can not.stop.buying, but I seem to have a compulsion to buy just about anything. Salt and pepper mill? Sure. Phone case!? Yeah, why not. Bloody gardening gloves? Absolutely! Someone needs to take my credit card away from me.

June is going to be the month of a much needed holiday (YAAAS) and also I will hopefully pass my driving test (send me all the good luck please, I absolutely need it!).  If you wanted to catch up with more lovely lists, check out the inspiration behind it all – Sally Tangle as well as JoCatSamPetaEl and Ellie.