23rd June 2019


A selection of my favourite posts from around the internet, from the past two weeks.


I have really been enjoying the podcast Walking The Dog with Emily Dean. Favourite episodes include Adam Kay and Russel Kane.

This article on how we need to banish stigma around periods is so absolutely spot on.

Love pudding? This Guardian article shares some easy-peasy pudding recipes!

I found myself nodding along profusely to this article on why ambition is over-rated.

Let’s all say Holy Moly YES more shall we?

Bianca Bass writes about how our first jobs are often the making of us.

I found this interview with someone who helps brands come up with names *really* interesting.

This post on the beauty of the ordinary is magical.

The Telegraph rounds up the best memoirs for millennial women.

I completely relate to Hannah Gales most recent post on craving real-life interaction.

I enjoyed Dolly Alderton’s interview with Elizabeth Gilbert, author or the cult hit Eat Pray Love.

Completely agree with this discussion by Emily on the right for woman to be able to take naked pictures.

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