In an effort to get more creative in the kitchen, I thought I would start a new fun challenge for myself and others to join in with. Each month I’m going to set an ingredient or theme and bake something in accordance with that. I’m hoping it will get me out of my comfort zone, start to use the many many cookbooks that I own and share some great recipes with people! The idea is to post recipes during the month in line with the theme or the ingredient. You can create as many recipes as you want during the month and at the end, I will share my favourites (tag me on Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #OneMoreSliceChallenge)

It’s summer and outdoor dining is the new normal, which is why picnics are this month’s baking theme!

If you wanted to have some inspiration for what to bake this month, here are some recipes you can make for your next picnic to get you started…

While I am all about the sugar, you need to chuck in some savoury dishes to balance things out, so here are some veggie inspired savoury dishes that would be great to make for a picnic; pea and feta frittata, cheddar and sage scones, pesto focacciatortillacorn muffins, veggie stuffed picnic rolls, cheese and marmite swirls and cheese and onion flapjacks.

You want food thats not going to be too messy to eat, so slices of loaf cake are a perfect option there. Try my best ever banana bread (it really is incredible!) or my chocolate ‘me’ loaf cake.

Bars and slices are also easy to eat with your hands so why not make some posh millionaire shortbread (made with pretzels and butterscotch) or a clotted cream cherry tray-bake. My vegan strawberry shortcake bars are pretty damn tasty as are my amazingly fudgy vegan brownies.

After so much baked goods, its good to throw something a bit healthier in there and energy balls are easy to make and very tasty. My pistachio energy balls are really good or for something a tad more indulgent, try my chocolate orange energy balls.

Home-made drinks are another fun thing to make when having a picnic. This gooseberry and mint lemonade sounds so refreshing and I am definitely going to make this coconut and pineapple cooler!

If you want to join in with my fun new baking challenge, don’t forget to tag me on Twitter and Instagram, let me know in the comments below and use the #OneMoreSliceChallange on Instagram! I’ll be sharing all my favourite recipes at the end of the month. Happy Baking!