14th July 2019


After visiting a couple of really beautiful places recently and having no way to share them without writing a guide (cause sometimes you just don’t know a place well enough to get content out of it!), I decided to set up a new blog series; ‘Postcards From’. Really though, it is just an excuse to share some of my photos and perhaps inspire you to want to see these places for yourself.

Bude is one of my favourite places to visit and is somewhere that I have spent many a summer, being only a 40-minute drive away. Bude is on the border of Devon and Cornwall and is great for a day trip, with a stunning beach, beautiful little canal and dramatic coastline.

When I first passed my driving test, this was the first place we drove to for an adventure. It was a warm sunny day and we had lunch along the canal, fed the ducks and had ice-cream on the beach. Delightful. 

I hope you enjoy my postcards from Bude and if you have any questions, do ask me in the comments!