28th July 2019


After visiting a couple of really beautiful places recently and having no way to share them without writing a guide (cause sometimes you just don’t know a place well enough to get content out of it!), I decided to set up a new blog series; ‘Postcards From’. Really though, it is just an excuse to share some of my photos and perhaps inspire you to want to see these places for yourself.

Now I’m driving, I’ve told my friend to be prepared for a summer of adventure. Our first stop, was Bude and our next adventure was Port Isaac, a little bit further down the north Cornish coast. Port Isaac was made famous through the ITV series ‘Doc Martin’ (a show I haven’t actually watched) and the village has capitalised on its popularity by hosting Doc Martin tours and filling tourist shops with Doc Martin memorabilia.

Port Isaac is an old fishing village, with steep windy hills and sea-views for days, a lovely little stop-off if ever around North Cornwall.

I hope you enjoy my postcards from Port Isaac and if you have any questions, do ask me in the comments!