June has been a rather monumental month for me – it’s the month where I *finally* became an official road user (watch out if you’re driving in and around North Devon!). I also visited Greece for the first time which I bloody LOVED and had SO many adventures, due to my new wheels.

Let’s crack on then, shall we?!

I passed my driving test! WOOHOO. I am a free woman. On the 3rd of June at exactly 10:14 I had my driving test where I was absolutely SHITTING a brick. I had never been so god damn terrified in all of my life. Never before had I been so nervous – but by some bloody miracle, the examiner passed me at a complete shock to myself and probably my driving instructor (although she didn’t let on!). I got seven minors, three were for going to slow (oops!). NOW though you can’t stop me. I have been driving at every given opportunity, bombing it down the link road to work, evening trips to the coast, visiting Mcdonald’s drive-throughs – I finally have freeeedom!! 

Love Island Controversial. I know. BUT I can’t help it. I am a sucker for that wonderful escapism that it gives me, despite it being clearly beyond redemption and justification. Absolutely and 100% completely invested in everyone – Amber and Curtis are my faveeees. 

Plants plants plants Can you have too many indoor plants? No, I think not.

Skiathos! In the middle of June, me and David headed off to Skiathos for a week, a week of sunshine and pure relaxation. It was bloody *glorious*. I have never visited Greece before and I was well and truly spoilt with Skiathos being my first island, it was absolutely stunning. Everyone was so friendly, the weather was hot hot hot and the food. OH GOD, the food. I would go back in a heartbeat and would recommend it to everyone I know! Certainly suffered with back to work blues and spent the rest of June daydreaming about another holiday…

Word Stacks I’m not really a games person, but I had run out of data and needed something to play to keep me entertained. Now I am HOOKED and loving these pesky little brain teasers!

The smell of rain on soil or otherwise known as Petrichor. That smell OOOOFT. Delicious.

Visits from friends The end of this month has been wonderful, as a couple of my friends have ventured down to Devon to visit. Firstly there was the lovely Jas who I met up with in Taunton, for pizza and cocktails (virgin cocktails for me as I was drivvvinnggg!) and then my best friend from university came down to visit for a couple of days and I got to play tour-guide as I showed off the best of North Devon! It was absolutely bloody *fabulous* to see friends who live far away. I don’t get to see them often, making the time you do spend with them *extra* special!

What wonderful moments have been filling up your June?