11th August 2019


After visiting a couple of really beautiful places recently and having no way to share them without writing a guide (cause sometimes you just don’t know a place well enough to get content out of it!), I decided to set up a new blog series; ‘Postcards From’. Really though, it is just an excuse to share some of my photos and perhaps inspire you to want to see these places for yourself.

One of our famous villages, Clovelly is where most people flock to when visiting North Devon. Famous for its cobbled hills and picturesque cottages, Clovelly is like stepping back in time.

It costs around £8 per person to visit Clovelly and is usually rammed with people in the summer months, so us locals tend to avoid.  However, we picked a sunny day out of school holidays, and visited first thing in the morning – it was bliss!

I hope you enjoy my postcards from Clovelly and if you have any questions, do ask me in the comments!