4th August 2019


A selection of my favourite posts from around the internet, from the past two weeks.


Lucy’s experience talking about how she survived domestic abuse is so heartbreakingly raw and honest. A very brave post.

A brilliant post, once again, by Chelsea who encourages you to try these five things, when you are not feeling ‘enough’.

This is a real feel-good list by Jo Coates – the things you get excited about in your thirties.

Emily is being brutally honest with her post on pubes. Funny and thought-provoking as always!

Why talking to strangers could make us happier.

Thoroughly enjoyed Lena Dunhams Guardian article about Love Island.

Jo’s post on how much happier she is from her change in career was a great read.

I *adored* this post from Man Repeller on how to combat that pressure of living your ‘best summer ever’.

Michelle writes about the beauty in the everyday stuff.

Sophie’s shouting about her home-town of Milton Keynes and encouraging people to shop local is an inspiring read.

I enjoyed this round-up of all the best veggie places to eat in Devon. Need to add a few of these to my list!

I think this article on what happens when you go through a miscarriage is so informative and it taught me a lot about something that happens, more than you think, but that isn’t widely spoken about.

The beauty and importance of personal rituals.

The wonderful Laura from Middle of Adventure came to visit me a couple of weeks ago and here is her beautiful post on the pictures she took!

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