I’m Lynsey, a twenty-something living in North Devon. I went to university in Canterbury in a desperate attempt to leave my hometown, but life has a funny way of working out, so I am here now for good, and it is pretty bloody fantastic.

I have a passion for food (duh), photography and travel, and my day job is working as an independent travel consultant. I literally spend all day thinking about holidays (the dream right!?).

One More Slice was born out of the desire to share my love of baking and to make lasting memories, so expect plenty of cake, stories of my adventures around Devon, travel posts and wonderful moments from my life. Unfortunately, an Instagram husband I have not (sorry David!), so all the pictures of myself are of me from behind. I am working on that though. 

I have also been recently diagnosed with endometriosis, a chronic illness that impacts me daily. So every so often there will be posts mentioning what it is like to be living with a chronic illness. So, while it may not affect you personally, I do urge you to bear with me and read them as awareness of the disease is so vital.

Despite having a chronic illness, I am somewhat grateful. It has taught me to keep life interesting and give less shits about the small stuff. I’m travelling more, socialising more, eating more (cause fuck it!), and just living more. So expect to see a lot of profound life cliches here too.

So to sum up, I’m Lynsey; baker, constant food eater, always looking for another holiday-er and Devon dweller.

Please feel free to say hello on the blog, on Twitter or via email, and make memories with me also.

Lynsey xx