Hello, my name is Lynsey, I was born in 1994 and I grew up in a small little seaside town on the north coast of Devon. I currently spend some of my time studying Sociology at the University of Kent and the rest of my time at my home in Devon. Regardless of location, I spend most of my days baking or binge watching Modern Family. Many things make me happy but the top three are my boyfriend David, my cats Felix and Jasmine and my friends.

Recently, I have developed an intolerance to dairy so therefore I have changed  my baking style to suit my dietary requirements. As a result, you will find dairy-free recipes as well as the odd vegan bake too. Although I like to bake indulgently, I do enjoy making my own healthy snacks, so expect the odd energy bite or granola bar here and there. In addition, while I do not identify as vegan, I do not eat meat or dairy and will only eat eggs if they are local or free-range. Regardless of your own dietary preferences, within all of my recipes I will suggest ways that you can make them your own, to suit your own baking needs.

One More Slice was born out of the desire to share my love of baking and to make lasting memories, so please feel free to say hello and make memories with me also xx