House Rules


  • If you want to contact me personally:
  • I am not a big fan of sponsored posts unless they are relevant to the blog – so many blogs have their posts sponsored by random affiliations and to me it appears disingenuous and false, something me and my blog don’t ever want to be!
  • All photos that are not my own can be sourced back to the original through clicking on the photo


  • Always read a recipe through and ensure you have the right ingredients! You can even weigh out your ingredients before hand for extra efficency!
  • I know I do not always specify different oven temperatures, but here is an oven conversion table if you use anything other to what I do
  • Dairy-free butters I would recommend: flora free from, vitalite, stork baking block.
  • Eggs are always at room temperature! Eggs in the supermarket aren’t in fridges so they shouldn’t be at home either.
  • I always use medium eggs but often recipes require large eggs so I usually use half of another. Here is a good guide to egg measurements.

Baking Tips and Hacks

  • How to tell if an egg is fresh
  • Add a teaspoon of baking powder to a glass of water to check if its fresh. It should fizz, so if it doesn’t bin it.
  • When peeling ginger use a teaspoon rather than a knife
  • Always rub zests of citrus fruits into the sugar in the recipe to release the flavor a lot better
  • Here is a seasonality table so you can see what ingredients are at the freshest! 

Conversions/Measuring Guides