Wonderful Wednesday #04

Shortly after submitting last week’s Wonderful Wednesday post, I sliced the top part of my thumb off with a very very sharp knife. Luckily my housemate came to my rescue, but major…

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Pistachio Granola with Homemade Pistachio Butter (Vegan)

Breakfast is a somewhat difficult meal for me. I hear so much about the endless breakfast options, porridge, bircher muesli, poached eggs, tofu scambles, baked oatmeal – the list is endless.…


Wonderful Wednesday #03

This past week of university has been a bit long and taxing and has possibly been the start of the dreaded freshers flu (I am praying to the almighty that I haven’t…


Sunday Round Up #04

Watching: BBC Drama Our Girl (so sad now it’s finished!) and the new seasons of How To Get Away with Murder, Law and Order SVU as well as brand new…


The BEST Vegan Belgium Waffles

Ever since visiting Bruges in January, I have been dreaming about making the perfect Belgium waffles and this my friends, is it. Adapted from this recipe by Christina Cucina, the secret…


Wonderful Wednesday #02

This Wonderful Wednesday is jam packed full of wonderfulness, so let’s just crack on  with it!


#19 Hello October 2016

October feels like it arrived about two weeks ago, yet at the same time took ages to get here. Maybe because everyone was prematurely getting excited for Autumn (if I…