#20 Hello November


Truth be told, I have put off writing this blog post for a couple of days now. I used to really enjoy writing these monthly little features, a reminder of my life captured in time, so I can look back in the future with nostalgia. The trouble is, as the pressures that all 2o somethings go through become greater, the less I have to write about. I often speak about how being at university kills my creativity (and social life) and as I continue into my final year I am very aware of the daunting tasks of completing my degree, earning money, improving my CV through experience and volunteering as well as graduate job hunting. All while maintaining a long distance relationship, friendships and this little space on the internet.

Personal health seems to have falling through the window as I still do not exercise (why Lynsey, why don’t you move your butt?!) and cooking seems to involve whatever is the quickest option, usually something unhealthy. The one thing I can say I am good at is sleep, however I still continue to feel guilty if I allow myself a lie in every so often, because there is always something to do. 

Now I am aware this post comes across extremely moany and negative and whilst all I am saying is true, I’m not actually feeling sad about this current situation I find myself in. Sure it’s not ideal, I miss David like hell and university can be incredibly lonely. However, this isn’t going to be my life forever and I know I only have to work at it for the next 8 months or so and after it is all over and I (hopefully!) have a graduate job, money, relationships and work will start settling into place.

I started these monthly round-ups as a way of setting myself goals, looking back at the month and looking ahead at what is to come. I feel I have lost my way a bit, my head swimming with all different thoughts and panic, so much so I have forgotten to be reflexive, proactive and creative in how I capture life’s moments. As much as I want to, the pressure of having to do this is another one I don’t need, so in the new year I’m going to take stock and think about the direction of my creative output. Fingers crossed the Christmas break will give me a much needed resurge of energy so I can be as creative as I intend to be.

>> 01 +02 + 03: The time when my friend Hannah came to visit me here at university
>> 04 + 06: Mine and Daves Autumn walk around Whistle and Pound
>> 05: Mine and Daves Halloween costume

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