Sunday Round Up #06


Watching: Still making my way through Greys Anatomy. But me and David finally caught up with Walking Dead and why oh why is this season so goddamn sinister ?! (RIP you know who!)

Reading: Into the Darkest Corner, Elizabeth Haynes. This is a harrowing yet thrilling read if you want to understand why women stay in domestically abusive relationships. Told through the female lead, but in two different time periods of her life, you are able to see the effects of domestic violence both during and after. Not for the faint hearted, but one I’d recommend!

Blogging: There have been some great ones, once again over the past couple of weeks so this is going to be a pretty long list! : ‘Why it’s Okay to Take a Break’ – A Cup of Creative, ‘Who Am I?’ -Windswept Wishes, ‘6 Great Pieces of Inspirational Advice’ – Shiana Jarvis, ‘6am’ – One Pleasent Day, ‘Timexiety’ – A Roise Outlook and finally ‘What I Really Learned at Univerity’ – The Salty Sea Blog. 

Listening: Lagy Gaga, Joanne.

Cooking: Stir Fries and Jamie’s Vegetarian Korma (made dairy-free!)

Baking: More attempts of vegan chocolate chip cookies. I just can’t seem to get it right!

Visiting: LONDON! Today I travelled up to London as I have my two weeks work experience at BBC Good Food starting tomorrow! Eek.

Loving: Disarano on the rocks. My oh my is it nice to come home to a nice chilled glass of Disarano after a long day at uni and/or work. Is this what being a grown up is!?

Best moment of the week: Mine and Davids’ Halloween make-up (last week I mentioned it was our first time in our ENTIRE relationship that we both did matching fancy dress!).We looked SO good that even our local newspaper included us in top 10 best dressed for Halloween!

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