Sunday Round Up #13

After a week where Trump became president and hundreds upon thousands of women stood together to march against hate and misogyny, it has been a mixed bag of emotions. After a recent, awful, experience with homophobia (which you can read about here), seeing yesterday’s photos has given me hope as well as the courage to continue fighting against discrimination and injustice in all its forms.

On a side note, FYI I will be shaking up these Sunday roundup posts, so they are a little bit more flexible and more exciting for me to write. I hope you don’t mind.


The Good Wife, a series about the wife of a disgraced States Attorney and how she reinvents herself without him. It’s a bit of a slow start and definitely not the most thrilling series I have ever watched, however, I am inclined to stick with it and see how it progresses.


Small Great Things, Jodie Picoult. After a labour nurse is discriminated against by a family due to her race, she finds herself being sued by the family after the unfortunate death of their baby. It’s a very powerful (and disturbing) read about issues of race, and one that is so important in this current political climate.



After having it recommended on Twitter, I downloaded The Serial podcast and I urge you to do the same. This podcast follows the true life story of murder victim and questions whether the person who was convicted of the murder is actually guilty. It is really well explained throughout as well as utterly addictive.

Best moment of the week

Watching the parades of women all over the world stand up and fight.

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