Wonderful Wednesday #15

Happy Wonderful Wednesday! Yesss…. that is me kissing a Giraffe. She was called Lynn and it took me approximately 542 takes before we managed to get the perfect shot, which is a hella lot of giraffe kissing. This photo is from my month in Kenya, my first solo trip, that I flew to 4 years ago today! I can’t quite believe where the time has gone and the magical thing about January is that it not only gives you time to look forward and plan for the year ahead, but it also gives you the time to breathe, relax and reflect on everything you’ve accomplished.

Binge Watching Greys Anatomy 

This start of last week was filled with so much optimistic motivation and then the reality of having an assignment due, about the impacts of feminism on the field of criminology, kicked in and I turned into a procrastinating lay-a-bout that did nothing except eat, watch Greys Anatomy and study feminism long into the night. A perk of this, however, was that I managed to get David hooked on Greys, so now we have another programme that we can watch together, snuggled up, cosy in bed.

Finishing my Assignment 

It was a hairy few days (thats what you get when you leave your assignment to the last minute!) but I managed to get it submitted, with about 20 minutes to spare! It’s definitely not my best work, so I am blaming all the Christmas food and drink that have turned my brain to mush.

Animal Cuddles 

Another form of procrastination, but oh boy it’s a good one! The one thing I miss the most at university is not being around my pets so I try and cash in on as many cat & guinea pig cuddles as I can. Sometimes they run away, never to be seen again, but when they do stay and cuddle up to you, oh that is magical!

Completing my Travel Scrapbook

For my birthday, Davids mum bought me a scrapbook for beginners with some pretty bits and pieces to help me get started. Let me tell you, scrapbooking is addictive and my collection started to get so large, I couldn’t take it back to university with me as there would be no room for it all. This means the scrapbook I was working on, of all of mine and Davids adventures together, went unfinished from the summer, so this Christmas break I said I wanted to get that finished so I can begin on another scrapbook. I am a women possessed by scrapbooking, but I figure that its not the worse thing someone could be addicted too.

These ‘Wonderful Wednesdays’ you have seen scattered all over the bloggersphere have been inspired by the lovely Sally Tangle. If you want to read more then check out Jo, Helen,Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, ElKerri and Carina’s blogs and let us keep this cycle of happiness and good intentions spinning!

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