Wonderful Wednesday #19

Can we all just pause for one second and marvel at how utterly spectacular this bookshop is!? Absolutely wonderful from the top to the bottom! As last week I wanted to pay honour to the wonderful things that are happening in the world, not just my personal life, I now have two weeks worth of wonderful to catch up on (aka this post is going to be hella long!) 

Spontaneous trips to London 

Being my last term in Canterbury, I have decided to make good use of my close proximity to London. Wrapped up from our heads to our toes, me and my friend went on our very own London adventure. Having worked, numerous times, in London, I have never visited as a ‘tourist’, so with this in mind, we set out to see as many things as possible.Starting at Notting Hill, we walked along to ‘Little Venice’, then Regents Park and finished in Marleybone. We ended the day in an authentic little Italian restaurant with achy feet, but it was perfect.

Getting out of my funk 

Visiting London really got me out of my funk of going to uni, working, eating, sleep, repeat. University can be a monotonous place and going on an adventure really got me out of a rut and shook up my routine. It’s made me more productive and had me day-dreaming about other potential adventures too!

Organising my life (aka spreadsheets) 

I have always been organised, keeping all my orders of affair together, but then I transferred everything over to spreadsheets and oh my word. Having multiple spreadsheets with everything in order makes me feel like I am winning at the whole ‘adult’ gig and the inner geek in me loves how everything is colour coded. Colour coded!! 

Sound of rain 

Is there anything more cosy than being tucked up in bed at the dead of the night, reading a good book and listening to the sound of rain pouring outside?!

Experiments in the Kitchen 

It tends to be that when I have an upcoming deadline, my experiments in the kitchen become more frequent. This time I have been experimenting with vegan baking, namely soy yolks. Soy yolks replicate egg yolks and are a great substitute for vegan baking that I never ever dreamed possible. So far I have made ‘eggless’ egg custard tart and vegan millefeuille, both of which got my housemates seal of approval! I do plan on sharing this knowledge soon, so if you’re vegan and are dreaming of replicating desserts you never thought possible, I got ya back! 

Going back to Devon 

Horraaaarh! Today is the day that I head back to Devon for 10 days and I can’t ruddy wait. There is a wonderful Wednesday meet-up on the cards, another exciting event to add to all the adventures I have planned (mainly with the boyf, much to his dismay!). This is going to be my last visit until April so I am going to make sure it’s a good’en.

These ‘Wonderful Wednesdays’ you have seen scattered all over the bloggersphere have been inspired by the lovely Sally Tangle. If you want to read more then check out Jo,Michelle, Kate, Cat, Sam, ElKerri and Carina’s blogs and let us keep this cycle of happiness and good intentions spinning!

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