March Round Up

March, you have been everything I have been expecting and, at the same time, completely different. When I was looking over the year at the beginning of January, March was the month I was dreading the most. As a final year university student, with deadlines all due in the first week of April, March was set to be pretty coursework heavy. While it has by no means been a fun month, at the same time, my levels of stress haven’t sky-rocketed like I predicted. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief that this damned month is over, and now I only have one essay and three exams standing in my way before I have finished uni for good!


Apple Tree Yard: The story follows a man and a woman, who meet and very quickly start having an affair. Then over the course of the affair, a traumatic sexual assault happens to the woman and a series of events happens as a result. It’s very intense and has lots of twists and turns that keeps you wanting to watch on. It’s nice and short, only four episodes at an hour each and is available on BBC iPlayer.

The Good Wife: This is a series that has taken me a little while to get into, but I am glad I have stuck with it. The show follows the story of the wife if a disgraced states attorney who was caught sleeping with prostitutes while in office. It’s the perfect mix of law, politics and scandal, with a dash of humour. Seven seasons available on Netflix.

Designated Survivor: A Netflix original about the entire US government who were killed in an explosion. It stars Keither Sutherland as the ‘Designated Survivor’ (the person who automatically becomes president in situations like that) and while I haven’t watched 24, I imagine if you are a fan of that show, you’d like this. It’s very flashy, lots of drama and political manoeuvres. It’s not the best series I have watched, but it is something that is worth viewing.

Greys Anatomy: *SPOILER ALERT* Me and the boyf are still chugging away through Greys and we have just moved passed the point where Derek dies. I thought season 12 would be rubbish without both Christina and now Derek, but season 12 has been amazing so far!



Ed Sheeran: Like the rest of the world, I have been religious listening to Ed Sheerans new album. What Do I Know is probably my favourite and Supermarket Flowers just breaks my heart.

S-Town: This podcast has come from the makers of Serial and This American Life, and follows the tale of a man named John B McLemore, a man from Woodstock Alabama or ‘Shit Town’. He gets in touch with the podcasts host, Brian Reed, to investigate a murder and a potential cover up of said murder in ‘shittown’. This is the beginning of the story, yet at the end of episode two, the podcast turns into a new direction, one that gave me chills and will encourage you to keep listening. This podcast is shocking, disturbing and brutal, so be warned, however it is a truely fascinating listen. All seven episodes are available to download and listen on itunes.

Best Moments of March 

Dave visiting, the start of spring, planning adventures and finding out my last day of university.

Why I am Excited about April 

Going back to Devon, Easter weekend, anniversary in the Cotswolds and travelling to Poland for my friends wedding.


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