The End Is Near

One more week left of term. Eight hours of contact time. Four hours of lectures and four hours of seminars. That is all I have left (and some pesky exams) between now and graduation. I can’t quite believe it.

During most of my second year, I had the mindset that I was going to quit. I was ready to walk out of university, enter the working world and become an ‘adult’.

I applied for a few jobs, got a couple of follow-ups, but nothing came of it. Instead, I thought I’d better stick it out. I didn’t just want to leave if I had nothing to fall back on. Maybe if I had been offered a position somewhere I would have quit. Who knows?

All I do know is that I persevered. And now, here I am, entering my last week of my final term, of my final year, something that I never thought I’d be saying over twelve months ago.

With that in mind, I wanted to remind myself that the things that are a struggle, always seem impossible until they are done. I need to keep going and realise it will get done. 

I’m all for knowing when to call it a day, or when the better option is to quit and walk away. Sometimes, that is the braver thing to do. However, if you’re thinking about quitting simply because it is the easier option, you need to persevere. No matter what you are dreading or how long it takes, perseverance will teach you so much more about yourself than taking the easy way out.

Be your own cheerleader and keep going. It makes the achievement so much sweeter.

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