An Afternoon in Dawlish, Devon

Whenever I have visited Plymouth on the train, the journey takes you right through Dawlish; you’re practically nose to nose with the sea. It has always been somewhere that I have wanted to visit, and after spending a wonderful day at Powerderham Castle, we took a quick, 10-minute, drive down the road, to this beautiful seaside destination, on the hunt for ice-cream and that salty, sea-breeze.

We arrived just after 4 pm, so luckily it wasn’t chock full of tourists; I imagine this place fills up quickly. Only small, this little seaside town has a small strip of sand, a long pier and the sea that stretches for miles. 

We made our way slowly along, enjoying the view, watching the fish swim below and kids jumping off at the end. The water looked so inviting, I was disappointed I couldn’t jump in myself!


Wanting to enjoy the sunshine, we took a stroll along to the end of the beach, falling in love with the elderly couple below. The woman kept stopping to take pictures of the view and her husband. It was so cute to watch.

As you reach the edge of the beach, you’ll see some rowboats. One was called ‘Willie Sinket’ and it genuinely made me laugh for ten minutes straight.

If you can get over the hilarious boat puns, you’ll be treated to a selection of the most colourful beach huts I have ever seen. The mint green is a winner for me, but all of them gave me serious hut envy.

After a slow meander back, our bellies grew hungry and we stopped off for ice cream at a little parlour near the front. I went for ginger, David the raspberry and we sat down at the beach, admiring the view one last time before making the journey back home.

If you’re in the Exeter area, I’d recommend spending an afternoon in Daliwsh. Small, but quintessential British, its well worth a visit!

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