The Fortnightly || What I Have Been Enjoying Recently #04

Another crazy couple of weeks have passed me by; endless work (13 days in a row is not fun!), snow vol.2, and a little trip up to London! Somewhere in-between I got horrendously ill (crazy work schedules and even crazier weather can do that to a person!), so it gave me plenty of time to catch up with some beautiful, thought-provoking and fun bits and bobs from around the internet. Enjoy!

What I’ve been enjoying lately…

Jacqueline Wilson is releasing a new book in October about a grown-up Tracey Beaker, which I am very excited about! As I think most twenty-somethings can agree, Jacqueline Wilson was the epitome of childhood, so I am eager to read another one of her books, especially about a character that we all know so well.

I almost cried when I read this piece. It is just so accurate. The biggest fights me and David have is not about chores, as we have divided it up pretty evenly (not 50-50 though, which is something I am still working on), but about how he doesn’t need to think, as I do it all for him. Having this piece perfectly explain the mental load that woman have to bear is so apt; I made David read it and it has helped those typical fights we have as he finally understands.

Having a chronic illness that no-one has heard, or, if they have heard of it, don’t understand is endlessly frustrating. So this article on the top endometriosis myths debunked, is brilliant.

This piece by Vix on losing a parent is heartbreaking, raw but so helpful to whoever has ever lost a loved one.

Everything Sara Tasker writes is pure genius, but this post on how being a woman means that you are underestimated (and how that can sometimes work in your favour!), is powerful.

I discovered Happy Place podcast on Twitter, a new podcast hosted by Fearne Cotton, and it is wonderful. They are all brilliant, but my favourite episode is where she interviews Matt Haig, the author of the best selling book – Reasons to Stay Alive.

Stephie talks about why it’s important to have a space to play.

I love reading about peoples life lessons, little bits of wisdom people have picked up over the years, so these 26 life lessons are wonderful.