A little break…

As of tomorrow I am clocking off and heading off on my holibobs to Mexico (apparently saying holibobs makes you a terrible human, but I personally think it’s endearing and I’ll say it again.. holibobs) and I can’t bloody wait. To be frank, it has been a crappy half a year with my ruddy endometriosis causing me grief, so I can’t wait to sit back, relax and drink allll the pina colada’s that Mexico has to offer me. It’s going to be wonderful. 

As a result, I will be going off of the grid meaning no updates on the blog, twitter or the gram (although I won’t be able to resist a few holiday snaps, lets be real). I can’t wait to read an *actual* book, eat cracking food, spend quality time with David and play card games long into the night. I plan on swimming with sea turtles, exploring Mayan ruins and jumping into cenotes. Mexico will be just the right mix of adventure and relaxation and it is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Of course, like the typical Brit I am, I hope it rains the ENTIRE time I am away – so sorry, not sorry if you have terrible weather over the next two weeks.

I’m joking of course, kind of.