Wonderful Wednesday || July

Happy Wonderful Wednesday! Truth be told, I got up an extra 15 minutes earlier today to tap this post out as last night when I intended to write this out I was just *not* feeling it. I’ve been ill, with a summer cold, for over a week and a half now and as I am the biggest baby whenever I get poorly – I have been feeling all kinds of sorry for myself.

But its 6am, I’ve got a steaming mug of hot coffee, the windows are flung wide open, letting through a lovely little breeze and I’ve got all my chores done for this morning. There’s nothing I love more than feeling productive, so I am already starting the day off pretty wonderfully.

Now onto those wonderful moments throughout July…

Visits From Friends

At the start of July, one of my best friends was in Cornwall on holiday, so on her way back home, she took a little detour to see me in Devon! I haven’t seen Chloe in nearly a year (shes in Kent so logistically speaking its a nightmare to see each other!), so it was AMAZING to catch up and take her to some of my favourite spots.

We visited Valley of the Rocks, had a cream tea at Lynton and Lynmouth then went out for a delicious meal at a local village pub. It was bloody glorious.

World Cup Fever

SO yes we didn’t even make it to the final, but I have to admit I did get swept up in all that world-cup fever. With all this sunshine and England getting so far in the tournament, it was so nice to see the country unified, cheering the boys on. I wasn’t fussed about it until the England V Columbia game but then I got invested. It didn’t come home, but I think it certainly brought something lovely for the nation.

*All* The Ice-Cream

I think I have possibly eaten an ice-cream every.single.day. Is that bad? I’m asking cause I know it is, but I want someone to come and tell me that its fine. Mars bar ice-cream, Twisters, Calippo, Fabs, Nobbly Bobbilies I am eating my way through them all. What should I add to my trolly next?


This month we got to visit the picture perfect village of Clovelly and it was *stunning*. The sun was shining, I had a cracking white chocolate and raspberry ice-cream and I got to stroke all the village cats. Bloody perfection.

Afternoon Naps

I had the mother of all head colds during July, the worst one I have had for ages and it has completely knocked me for six. While it certainly isn’t wonderful being ill, all last week I had an afternoon nap every day for a couple of hours, curled up on the sofa all cosy with a blanket and my fluffiest pillow. I haven’t napped in ages and I have to say,  I would wake up feeling a lot more rested than I do after 8+ hours at night time. Why is that? Petition to allow naps during the working day!? Yes please!

A short and sweet round-up of July, which after following on from the past three months it has been nice to take a step back and go at a slower pace. I hope August is the same, I just want to enjoy the summer in all its sun-filled glory. If you wanted to catch up with more lovely lists, check out the inspiration behind it all – Sally Tangle as well as JoCatSamPetaEl and Ellie