The Wonderful Joy in the Ordinary

In my blog series The Fortnightly (a bi-weekly series where I share my favourite things from around the internet) I shared an article from Man Repeller that has stuck with me. In the piece, the writer talks about ‘pet faves’ as oppose to pet peeves, coining pet faves to mean those ordinary mundane things that bring great joy.

The concept of ‘pet faves’ really resonated with me and I wanted to create my own little list of extraordinary things that make my days a little brighter and seemingly bring joy without even trying.

 A little but wonderful list of my pet faves…

The bum wiggle my cat does when she is being mischievous.

Cuddling a barely-warm hot water bottle.

Having a shower in the evening and getting into freshly washed pyjamas with towel-dried hair.

Perfectly salted crisps.

Waking up before the alarm goes off an realising you still have time to sleep.

When a dog holds its own lead in its mouth.

Little children in grown-up clothes.

When my favourite seat on the bus is free.

The smell after a candle has been blown out or a party popper has just been popped.

When birds flock at dusk.

The way sunlight streams through my house in the afternoon.

The cold side of the pillow.

Hazy summer air.

When bus drivers wave to each other.

The type of infectious laugh where no sound comes out.

A perfectly ripe avocado.

When you get tagged in a really funny meme.

Impromptu sing-alongs.

What are your pet faves? Do you think I need to add any to my list?