Wonderful Wednesday || March

Oh, March. You’ve been rather unremarkable in a number of ways, but my god you’ve been wonderful in those little moments. This is quite a long post this month, because, as if by magic, I have started to really relish in those wonderful small, ordinary joys, following a long period of low mood.

Last month was really tough for me health-wise, so this month I’ve tried to adopt a more slowed down, calm and thankful approach to things and it has really *really* helped. Dancing to the beat of my own drum has been the motto of this month and I can’t help but think I’ve cracked the secret to the universe.

Anywho, enough pre-amble. On with the wonderful!

Trashy TV This March, I have been unashamedly watching Celebs Go Dating after my friend asked me to ‘just give it a go’. I have fallen hook line and sinker for this trashy reality TV, a genre I’ve never really watched before. It’s perfect escapism after a long boring day at work and just the right amount of drama and juiciness to keep me hooked. What can I say, I guess I am a reality TV convert!

Writing for the sake of writing This month the creative juices have just been flowing and I have been writing so easily and freely. I think I have given myself the freedom just to *write* without the need for it to be perfect or even without the need for anyone to read it. If I end up liking what I’ve written then I will publish, but if not – it’s okay. I believe we tie ourselves in knots over what we should be doing rather than letting ourselves just be.

Baking while listening to French chill As recommended on The High Low (a great podcast, you should subscribe!), there is a playlist on Spotify called French Chill and it is absolutely perfect to bake too. It’s wonderful background music that transports me into my imagination – I picture myself, as I am whisking away, with my own little boulangerie in a quiet backstreet of Paris. A girl can dream.

The sound of hail on the window Is there anything more cosy than the battering sound of wind and hail, going on outside and you in your pyjamas, blanket on the sofa watching telly?

Sunshiny rain One Tuesday morning while I was still lounging in bed, the sun shone through the curtains but the heavens opened. It is such a juxtaposition of weather, bright sunshine and almighty rain, my favourite kind I think (as long as I am indoors).

Recipe boxes Okay, I am a woman who has become slightly obsessed with subscription recipe boxes. Last month I signed up to Hello Fresh in an effort to get more inventive in the kitchen and enjoyed it so much that I’ve signed up a couple of other trial boxes; Gusto, Simply Kitchen, Riverford and The Spicery. I am a woman obsessed!

Olives Speaking of food, I have become a full-fledged adult as I have started eating olives. A friend bought some round last month and dared me to try one – I always assumed I hated them but turns out, I actually really like them! They have been my go-to snack choice as of late and I even have ordered them in a restaurant for a starter like the fancy pants adult that I am!

London! At the weekend me and my friend Connie went up to London for the night to celebrate her birthday. She had got tickets to see Harry Potter and The Cursed Child and she so kindly took me! The play was incredible, the scenery and props were amazing and while if the acting was slightly over-the-top, I really really enjoyed it. It was a gloriously sunny couple of days (London you are a beauty in the sunshine!!) and we ate terrific food and saw all the classic touristy sites. I bloody love London and I absolutely *need* to visit more often.

New York & Las Vegas As a travel agent I get access to some cracking deals and temptation lies everywhere. Earlier on in the month an incredible offer came through that I couldn’t resist; a twin-centre New York and Las Vegas holiday for £650 each! I quickly rang David at work asking if I could book it, there were only six seats left for that price and after a bit of arm twisting, he said yes! It includes return flights from the UK, internal flights between NY and Vegas and also 7 nights in 4* hotels. I can’t bloody wait to return to New York AND then visit Vegas. Any Vegas tips, please send them my way!

Improved mood Last month I really struggled with my mental health, but this month I have really noticed an improvement in my mood. I’m trying to be a little bit more upbeat as well as show gratitude for everything in my life that I am thankful for. I still get down days, of course, but I’m certainly adopting a bit of PMA – positive mental attitude!

The joy of children David and I are not really kid people, but some of our friends have kids who we absolutely adore. I’m not usually a maternal person, but recently I have been finding it to be such a joy to be in the presence of young children, their innocence and sweetness so infectious. I can’t help but beam when our friend’s kids give us a cuddle or say something adorable. I’m certainly not broody though, Luna is enough for now!

Following on from a pretty crummy February, March was full of absolutely delightful moments. Let’s hope April brings some wonderful joy too.  If you wanted to catch up with more lovely lists, check out the inspiration behind it all – Sally Tangle as well as JoCatSamPetaEl and Ellie.